FAQ What size are the pictures

To keep it simple, the pictures will all be 5" by 7"

FAQ: When will pictures appear on the website

I will normally get the pictures on the website within 48 hours. It can take a while depending on how many I take.

Hello bud. How do i find the other round from just racing.cheers

The little beaver and speedy beaver are in the same category as I couldn't see who was on what race.

i have added race numbers where I could see them. If your number is not showing it is probably that your number was not visible so your are on the site but have no number. So a case of searching manually.

hope this helps


hiw do i order photos from the beaver race 013 i have got the one on bike do not know how to get running photo one my no is 169 regards mrs pat davis my son did the race

I only took picitures of the bike.

if he ran in the Saturday you may find pictures on this site 

if it was on the Sunday then again I only did the bike course.


I am about to purchase 3 pictures from the Wellingborough Multi Terrain race - is it possible to have the digital versions of the 3 photos as well as the standard prints?

Yes that's no problem, I'll email them through when payment has been authorised