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We start the 2015 sport photography season this weekend with two events.

Country to Capital
The first on Saturday 17th January is an Ultra Marathon, with runners starting in Wendover and finishing 44 miles later in Little Venice (not far from Regents Park, London). I'm pleased to say the high winds seem to have dropped as I can't imagine what it would be like running into a headwind like we've had for 44 miles!

It does look like its going to be a cold day, maybe not for the runners but I'm trying to work out how many layers I can get on. If you run passed me and I'm blue please contact someone.

Best of luck for all the runners tomorrow, lets hope I see you all at the finish.

On Sunday we are off the the Dirt Run at Irchester Park in Northamptonshire for a 5km, 10km and 15km cross country race. The term Dirt Run suggests its run on dirt which at times it is, other times it will be quite deep in mud, I have yet to photography a faller but keeping my fingers crossed. Again good luck to all runners.

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